The main purpose of advertising is to get your prospects to remember you and know what you do and who you are and most importantly, how to reach you. And that’s what a really great Vanity phone number will do.

Increased Response to Ads — Companies which incorporate Custom 800 numbers in their advertising campaigns report that response rates increase by as much as 40 percent.

    Vanity  numbers further increase response by an additional 30 percent.

    84 percent of current Internet users search for product or service information online in order to make a toll-free call.

    Radio ads using a vanity number drew fourteen times more calls than those with a numeric toll-free number.

A Snap to Remember — Vanity 800 numbers are far easier to remember. Consumers are up to 20 times more likely to recall a vanity number than a numeric, and calls continue to come in even months after a campaign ends.

The original toll-free exchange — The phrase ‘toll-free’ and the 800 toll-free exchange have become synonymous in the minds of consumers. “800” is to toll-free numbers as “.com” is to domain names; 888, 877, 866 are likely to be confused with area codes and consumers are simply not as familiar with them. A 2002 study Radio Recall Study revealed that 95% of consumers recognized the 800 exchange as toll-free, a percentage that fell off markedly with the newer toll-free exchanges, with only 18% of the study subjects recognizing ‘866’ as a toll-free exchange

Wanna pack some punch in your advertising?

Add a Vanity phone number.

Overcomes Area Code Confusion — New area codes are being introduced in cities and states around the country, leaving millions of consumers confused over dialing patterns. In these areas, the use of an 800 number guarantees that 100 percent of the callers responding to your ads will reach your client.

Prestige — target audiences associate Custom 800 advertisers with companies which meet the highest standards for customer service — AT&T® (800-CALL-ATT), Federal Express® (800-GO-FED-EX), and Toyota® (800-GO-TOYOTA) to name a few.

Keep Customers Out Of The Yellow Pages.

Once a potential customer KNOWS your number, they no longer have to “look you up” in the phonebook. It’s no different then you dialing home without having to look that number up. This is huge! Roto-Rooter® has found that when people go into the yellow pages specifically looking for them, as many as 30 percent become diverted by the display ads and call someone else. Don’t let this happen to your business.

    Increase response to your marketing efforts by using easy-to-remember vanity phone numbers

    Map the geographic location of all calls, with demographic information

    Generate more leads

    Capture more leads

    Receive data on every call your company receives (even if the lines ring busy or no one answers, or if the callers have call-blocking or unlisted numbers).


You own the rights to the vanity number for exactly the market area your business covers. It doesn’t matter if all your customers are in a single area code, three to four area codes, an entire state or a four/five state region. 100% of all calls originating from the territory you select ring directly to you – right on your current telephone line.

The Number Itself TELLS People What Your Business Does.

Do you think anyone is ever confused what business 1-800-DENTIST®, 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-LAWYERS is in? Now you have the opportunity to have your ads remembered as 1-800-INSURANCE, 1-800-TINTING, 1-800-LAWN SERVICE, 1-800-EYESIGHT, 1-800-WINDSHIELD and more than 1,000 others.

Status, Distinction, and Reputation

People know there’s something special about a business that has a great toll-free vanity number. It sets you apart and says “better business” and “customer service.” Imagine the value a radio commercial suddenly acquires when 1-800-ROLL OVER is included, or the impression created by a  INFINITI Dealership vehicle passing by with 1-800-INFINITI prominently displayed. The competition just can’t contend with a seemingly plain, local telephone number.

They May Forget Your Name But Not Your Number.

It took Crest Toothpaste and Tide Detergent decades to become the dominant market-share leaders in their industries. By comparison, it took MCI only about 1 year to establish 1-800-COLLECT as the dominant collect-call market-share leader. Rather then trying to aggrandize their company name, they shrewdly focused all the attention on the name/number 1-800-Collect.

Isn’t having your number REMEMBERED and CALLED the point of your advertising in the first place.

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